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105 Main Street | Durham, New Hampshire 03824 | 6038621234 | unhrecruitment@gmail.com or jamie.silverstein@unh.edu | www.unh.edu


Hello! Welcome to the University of New Hampshire's 2017 Primary Recruitment! If you are interested in going through recruitment you are in the right place! If you still have questions please reach out to unhrecruitment@gmail.com or the office of Fraternity and Sorority life, jamie.silverstein@gmail.com

PLEASE REMEMBER: you only pay an NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $30. If you pay using a Credit Card through Greek Bill it is the best way! If you can not pay with credit card and need to pay with CATSCASH, cash, or check, you register through this site but you do not pay anything here on this website. When you get on campus you come to the in person ticket office located in the MUB and pay with your preferred method there. Again, the best way is through credit card through this registration site and no matter way you are ONLY PAYINg $30 total. THANKS!